Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling



@Robin or Fred,

I just looked at my registration date, and they changed it BACK to the original date of 11-22-1995, but just a few day’s ago it had my conviction date of 6-19-1992. So they are starting to make the changes, I still say’s tier 3, and life time registry on it.

They should be changing that back to l25 years and getting rid of the tier3 part as well, and it should registration ends in 2020 when I am 51. plus I shouldn’t have to register 4 times a year. or be on the public registry, if they go back to the original 1994 registry when it was only excusable to the police. I also should not have to pay that annual $50 fee they passed in 2013, but I will have to wait and see when they get done with the changes.

Oh, and once I move back to 25 year registry, I should be able to petition for removal from the registry since the original 1994 registry let us, petition for removal after 10 years, but will see what happens I guess.