Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Well it sure would be nice for the court to get a move on or I should sayFreed, God willing things will go in out faver, it seams like it should be anyway, all I know is when we’re all eventually off this list I really just want to go off the grid so if they try and make some kind of other schem to bring everyone back to the registry which will still be illegal they won’t be able to find me because I will be out in the middle of nowhere where no one knows where I am. But then again I may just move far away from my current town where no one knows me and get a fresh start with a somewhat clean slate just not a clean background. Just day dreaming I guess.
Ya know it’s funny sometimes when people find out about my profile but not really in a funny way they walk around thinking that I don’t know that they know, and they start making stupid comments about sex offenders and pediphilia, they are so uneducated and ignorant on the whole topic, sometimes if you ignore them and act like you have no idea what or who they are referring to they sometimes will stop, and then there are the ones who want to push the issue kind of like when the guy at the place I used to work at wanted to start trouble with me, I know how to defend myself because I grew up in a town riddled with gangs and what not, you couldn’t walk down the street wearing certain colors or wearing you hat a certain way or you could possibly be shot and killed, My friends / gang affiliates would have a split second decision to run or stand our ground and get beaten or sometimes wine depending if we were out numbered. But nowadays I am a different pereson, I’m not that person anymore, so if I were to defend myself Im afraid would be considered violent and put in a different class I’m afraid, I have self control nowadays and the great virtue of patience yet I am impatiently waiting to get off this list of shaming.