Reply To: Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries


While man can play with this registry law, NARSOL’s newsbeat section caught my eye about the man in Ireland with 217 convictions. Now that is a bit too much and a bit overkill. I’m beginning what sexual abuse is anymore. Sure slapping a female or anything or maybe calling her some slur name or whatever. Touching a kid today even repromanding can be sexual abuse if the kid gets so mad. Is is all coming down to the consicious or bowing down to the the Government. I don’t think the Government own’s any of us. Sure we all should be responsible for his or herself but if thats the case any women could yell rape or whatever she wants if she’s mad enough. Men don’t have that option because women are consider the weaker of the sexist. Whoever thought of these laws its a money maker for someone. A lot of these rulings are overly overrated.
Sure protecting is good but protecting is just how for one goes to try to work it out. Now when one gets physical thats a whole different story. Releaving oneself out in the woods might even be dangerous. Woody wood pecker might be watching. Gilbert Goffery, Brian and I thought I had all my marbles…