Reply To: Packingham’s residual effects may impact Facebook, Twitter, even President

Tim L

Honestly, I would have voted for the Don’t had I not been on probation for failure to provide information as a sexoffender. I willfully refused and spent 2.5 years fighting the obligation in our local district court. The court is located in Janesville WI. The courthouse is a stones throw from the Main office of Paul Ryan, who is the Speaker of the House of reps. It was my hope to get some publicity about my case. I already know I was actually innocent in 1992 I wrote to the Janesville Gazette hoping to stir the pot. My letter must have fell on deaf ears because I got no response. They are cowards only interested in maintaining the status quo.

So it is the message they don’t want to hear that counts. Just like the Don blocks messages via twitter demonstrates the dishonesty of echo chambers! The Don blocks the confrontational messages from those who disagree with him to protect his political security.
Here we have yet another misuse of the database (albeit a private one) by government agents. They want what they want and will utilize any means necessary to achieve it. This is the way of elite tyrants. So to be sure the Don blocks those because he is afraid of their messages. If they were insignificant he would not bother!