Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution



Yeap! All this attention is surely not going to help our case/cause/arguments… Please, be prepared (if you aren’t already) to accept the reality that this registry(ies) ploy to keep people in shackles (physical & mental, maybe even spiritual) by utilizing fear mongering as an excuse or reason will never go away! It is clearly (to me at least) that it is part of the ultimate plan for total control of the populace.
***Save it! I know, I already have my tin foil hat on in place***

…and a lot more news stuff/garbage at a Local, State, Federal level and International too if you care to research it! It is…just…overwhelming! 🙁 Oh well, right!!?

(please forgive me, just not a positive day for me with all these “sexual scandals’ ” news and more possible War with World tensions so high…we humans just can not seem to get along anywhere)

Anyhow regardless of my tough day, I wish you all an Outstanding day! 🙂
…and thank you NARSOL for what you do for me and many by presenting the truth and fighting for the rights (Constitutional and otherwise) of all! 🙂