Reply To: Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries

Michael Miller

It really amazes me that something like this happens to young people who are in love (If they had waited 4 years it would have been ok) but yet people like Harvey Weinstein gets away with it because they have money and influence.And because of that they will never have to fear or worry about being on a registry. Our Judicial system is geared to help and assist anyone who has the money and the influence to do so and those that are less fortunate pay the full price. I was accused of a Lewd act and was fortunate to only get 3 years in prison.(age was a factor but I was told that they were of age) But during the same time a Teacher who admitted to having sex with 16 year old girls got his sentence reduced to assault of a high and aggravated nature and got 2 years probation. He had money and knew people. All are not created equal and it shows in our judicial system. Its time for a revamp if I have saw one!