Reply To: Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries


Donna Mas

My heart goes out to all the people on the registry. Anyone who thinks harassment is not a problem is sadly mistaken. As a mother of a son who in so many ways is a wonderful person, it breaks my heart to see what other family members are going through. I do believe the police need to know who is on the registry and I do believe there are certain jobs that should never be held by people on the registry no matter the extenuating circumstances. If for no other reason than their own safety. My son is guilty of exposing himself and he needs help not incarceration. On two occasions children were present. So yes, he needs help. The amount of money spent on incarcerating him could have been spent on therapy of some kind to help him. I am always amazed that we praise people who have commited other crimes and have turned their lives around and become productive members of society but sadly offenders are not included.