Reply To: Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries



I agree with mom with what she said and a lot of others that haven’t chimed in yet. Of course there are pro’s and con’s to all this. I have to say that one should stand up to all this sex offender stuff. The guy David served his time. His bit of probation he has to do that seems to be runnng along with the jail time to complete this wreckless event. Sure the law wants to hold others back with this sex offender label but is that true justice or man’s justice?
Man is just as sinfull as their counterpart woman. Now all of us know what a stab in the back is but yes a second chance is good. Matter the good lord believes in a second, third, forth, etc. Man is a bit different in all this sex situation when they are just as sinnful. Sure I believe in protecting and serving but when protecting and serving get out of line man always tries to justify themself. They have always done that. Even with the blacks and whites and discrimination laws.
Talk about being raped, people can rape you with words haven’t you heard that saying “the tounge is mightier than the sword”. Look that up when you all get time. I never wanted to take my plea deal or bargain or whatever you want to call it as thats not true justice in a lot of ways. We can all fight back and forth of who’s right, or talk about this or that law but in the end its all about money. It seems people don’t care about others a the sex registry is a disgrace to all and I would oppose that in a minute or speak up about it. Sure I get in my pitty pot but if I dont’ build myself up than thats my fault.