Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Everyone is so stressed becuase they have been waiting for this decision since day one. I understand that. I personally have a lot at stake here. The difference between being on the registry another 8 years or getting off now. Big difference.
I think we have to remember how important this decision is as a whole. This decision is the beginning of the end of Megans Law. Since day one, it has been the State’s argument that Megans Law requirements are NOT criminal but civil in nature. This is the ENTIRE reason Megan’s Law could not be attacked on constituonal grounds.
It is one thing for a Court to say something, but they something that is in direct conflict with what the Supreme Court said in Smith vs Doe, AND then the Supreme Court refuses to correct them, as they did in the Michigan Snyder vs Doe case. That is a BIG FREAKING DEAL.
For over 2 decades Megans Law was under NO threat of being thrown out, and now it looks like it’s days are numbered…
All I have to say is the State did it to themselves. First they wanted the registry for law enforcement only. Then oh no we have to make it public. Then we have to make it retroactive. Then, we have to put non sex crimes on there as well. They did it to themselves