Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution

terry brunson

@chuck –
There is no fire – I am only showing options that read in the tone of thoses asking questions like how long do I have to wait for justice to come to my door – I hear a need and I just offer a fill – but I do add that waiting this out is the least expensive way- the door on Pa. public SO’s registry is about to cave in and fall off the hinge.

Some may not know that they can get ahead of the rush – a docket wait of 6 to 12 months – on the high courts to get the reviews in front of them – – – –

Then – the PSP wants 8- to 18 months to review their records to identify all pre- SORNA people. . . . . . And there is the slowing the feet on that. . . . . . on 12 September 2017 PSP layed out their time frame to remove pre-SORNA people. PSP spoke in man hours time and so forth. . . . . . JW Whenthworth has a phrase- “IT’S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!”

There is a Writ called a NUNC PRO TUNC that one can file pro se them selves in a Commonwealth Court – it would be a Writ of Mandamus for injunction relief it is free to call the Pa. Commonwealth court clerk MICHAEL F. KRIMMEL, CHIEF CLERK @ 717-255-1650 and ask the hard question of filing in that court Pro-se. . .

They cannot practice law and tell you all the steps but they will help a person get to the right Judge on this issue.

There is now a greater unfolding of rights that OS’s are coming to understand. . . . . . I do 100% agree with you chuck that the wheels of Justice to roll slow and time wait is part of the process – BUT SOME ARE ASKING THE HOW LONG- i THINK IT JUST MAY BE A RHETORICAL QUESTION. . . of being human on wanting to know when – How long – they are going to get to the victory – but there is also a option to jump to the know and clear up the question to how long. . . Knowledge dispels fear – Knowing builds assurance and gives hope in knowing they can get to the victory line faster – in spite of delay.