Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Fred Keymaster @Robin Keymaster @Chuck
Thank you all for the kind responses and knowledge! I am grateful!
Also, I take responsibility for my interpretation of the dates Oct.17 or 19, 2017 involving previous posts by terry brunson here on this NARSOL article It was never stated directly (by brunson or anyone) that was the end of this fight, but I concluded, in my ignorance and of my own accord, that date range I kept reading about would be the end of oppression for many of us in the Muñiz ruling. I apologize for any and all confusion to anyone on my part and for my part alone!

@Dave C
I understand your frustration!

I appreciate your encouragement, I really do!
I read you went to the SCOTUS Blog. As soon as anyone gets to the site there is information posted on the main page which, I am sure you read or noticed already. So, I went browsing and selected Petitions on the top area of the website and got a bunch of cases, but no Muñiz. As stated by @Robin Keymaster, “You can’t find it until it’s searchable” so, I interpret it as there will not be anything until there is a filing or something to post (I apologize in advance in I am understanding incorrectly).

Also, I checked @Fred Keymaster link:
I browsed for you and everyone the Order List by Circuit for Tuesday, October 10, 2017 (our Circuit 3)
“The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (in case citations, 3d Cir.) is a federal court with appellate jurisdiction over the district courts for the following districts:

District of Delaware
District of New Jersey
Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Middle District of Pennsylvania
Western District of Pennsylvania”
Circuit 3
17-235 (16-1393) 17-272 (16-3398)
17-317 (16-4152) 17-5407 (16-3152)
17-5415 (17-1490) 17-5430 (16-3119)
17-5499 (16-3085) 17-5513 (16-2629)
17-5520 (16-3860) 17-5640 (16-4127)
17-5847 (16-2684)

@Brian, you can type or copy and paste the first 5 or 6 digits for each order not in parenthesis and place it on the search (no spaces needed), hit enter or click search and you should get a case selection with basic info and options or files to view the case. I checked all above and saw no Dave Freed, AG or PSP or PA Supreme Court Muñiz. I hope this helps! I am mentally exhausted from my day and this researching stuff. I am going to try to get some sleep (not an easy task for the past nearly 15 years). Good night to everyone! 🙂