Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I would like to address something. A party who wants the Supreme Court to review a lower court’s decision has 90 days to ask the court to do so.

So if we use basic math skills we can figure this out. The Muniz decision was handed down on July 19th 2017.

July 20th-32st was 12 days

August 1-31 was another 31 days

September was another 30 days

So we add those number up we get 73 days

90 days minus 73 days equals 17

So this means we use up the first 17 days of October NOT 19. It is NOT the 17 th or the 19th or whatever….

There is an EXACT DATE…, This DOES NOT mean we will have a decision on the 17 th… it merely means that IF Pa does NOT file by the 17th, they lose their right to do so. THATs IT. That is all it means.

It is VERY TYPICALLY for lawyers to wait till the very last day to file…….. in fact I would be SHOCKED if Pa did file before the 17th.