Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Every since the 2003 smith vs Doe case, it has been the law of the land that Megan’s Law requirement are NOT punishment therefore CAN BE appilied retroactively…., Michigan’s Snyder vs Doe CHANGED that. For the very first time, a federal Court ruled “Hey, You can’t change things after the fact” The US Supreme Court had a PERFECT shot to defend their Smith vs Doe decision by agreeing to hear the Michigan vs Doe case. That was a CLEAR signal!!!!! I guarantee you David Freed was waiting to see if SCOTUS was going to hear the case. I bet if they would have, he would if asked to join the case.

So now the ONLY thing David Freed could argue is that Pa’s case is DIFFERENT than the Michigan’s Snyder vs Doe case.

So the only question there is for the SCOTUS to settle is, is the Pa case different than the Michigan case. Due to the State question raised in the Pa case, it may be…..

I would like to address everyone here. Everybody is upset and wants off the registry RIGHT NOW… I am in the SAME BOAT as all of you. I am a RSO just like you guys. I have been on before AWA so this Court ruling and Commonwealth vs Neiman personally affects me as well….

It will be ok guys. We won. Yes Pa is going to Drag their feet. Yes, it is going to take time to process all the changes. The Supreme Court may hear the case and say the Pa Supreme Court was wrong, but after the Michigan Snyder vs Doe case, I do not THINK they will hear the case. Now, I could be WRONG as I am NOT a lawyer and I am not on the US Supreme Court.
You also have to remember, If this Court ruling stands, that means there is grounds to challenge Adam Walsh in its entirety. The next few years PSP is going to be VERY BUSY defending the registry.