Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



…I have not posted in a few days, but have chosen not to post as I/we wait for October 19 or 17 or whatever it keeps changing to for the SCOTUS to accept or deny AG Freed appeal/Writ of Certiorari. Now I keep hearing/reading that there is a “stay” issued (by the PA Supreme Court, if I understood correctly) so, now there is more time to wait (6 weeks from what I hear) while these supposed servants, but definitely violators of the Constitution and Oath of Office (therefore, criminals of the highest order) are afforded time for some “legislative fix” that may affect many if not all of the supposed 4,500 to 10,000 RSO’s that should have been given relief upon the conclusion of our own State Supreme Court and that of 5 other States when “they” had no problems making everything retroactive and immediate and there is no major march known or planned on Capitol Hill on this issue or legal proceeding (lawsuits) against the State of PA and every official violating the law and our rights? (Rhetorical question! I get it, it would “slow” down the process of this victory under Muñiz “further”) And we are supposed to wait!!!…more???

…plus there have been people calling the PSP (the PA body of law enforcement competent for some things and not others) and have gotten nothing, but run around and empty answers to what they know is not only morally, ethically right, but also lawfully right. Add to that all this hearsay about PSP taking 12-18 months to look into removing any RSO’s (if any at all) and that we not even get letters on this issue until “sometime 2018” with specific months being spoken of by Officials and RSO’s all over the place!!! …As in nobody knows or seems to care!!! …and then some wonder why many lose sight of greener pastures or “hope” in this Country/World’s system of treating Humans (at least the peaceful ones) and have no desire to connect further with life. To those that feel that way, I do not condone and will not applaud harm to anyone, ever, period! But I understand you! For almost 15 years, I understand you!

And this is only a fight at State level for our right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as residents of PA. If we leave PA to do that elsewhere we are subject to another State’s SORNA laws because apparently (and clearly to me) nothing is uniform and/or consistent. How is that OK? …and add to that the “International Megan’s Law” not many seem to talk about or be even aware of brewing in “Countries near you” and being worked on as part of the Master Plan of control over our lives, what we do, where we do it, who we do it with and ultimately, over people’s lives with criminal record or not! Wake up!!! (to those that are not yet, awaken). RSO’s are subject to notifications & requirements to that as well! …somehow!!! How many of you know what the requirements are currently with overseas travel? Passports? Do you care?

Again, as I keep asking for…where are the Pro Bono “free” lawyers, the Law Scholars, Professors of Constitution and Human Rights Advocates at en masse on these issues??? (NARSOL excluded)

I am sorry to say, but it can not just be NARSOL!