Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


I believe that stories about Shauna and other videos depicting the harsh lives of sex offenders and their living, working conditions and about homeless offenders on the streets some with GPS is very compelling. But as a class, I believe we need an eye opening video, or videos of children of offenders on the registry and the impact on them receiving much of the same ostricism and disdain from the public in such a profound way that these kids are scared, they are bullied and beat up, made fun of and many many more retributive punishment that they are of course innocent of but are so extremely affected by way of association as a family member. We need some astounding footage of these kids crying and scared telling their story. Congress passed civil laws that have greatly resticted citizen offenders with out any thought as to the effects on offenders children. WE need to protect our communities, we need better safeguards for our children to be safe they said. Obviously the question that is so pervasive is this……How do these laws protect the innocent lives of the children of sex offenders? Collateral damage they say. What a Hitlerian way to explain this away. We need many more videos of children affected by these laws to really begin to crack the egg of the view of the general public. Dave Feige, this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to get footage of this colossal indifference put on these children of sex offenders.