Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution

terry brunson

Brian I want to make a public apology to you – you may not have felt disrespected- by my excited tone to get you to understand this MUNIZ – decision and how it helps you. But I felt I was out of line talking down to you. . . . It was not my intention to insult your intelligence – You are my brother in this fight and I just wanted to get every bit of information to you – Please Please accept my over step in calling your name out in this public forum. I am on your side. . . . . I have been brought to understand that we all are in a learning process here. . . I am so proud of you and others that are taking a personal look at reality on how to lift these chains of oppression PS and unfair SORNA rules has put om you.

You may not have felt that I was talking down to you – but as I re-read my post to you in particular . . . . . I felt I was wrong in the way I typed my words to you.

YOU DO understand the issues clear – I was only trying to over simplify the issues to connect the dots to push emphasis to understanding. That may have seem arrogant to talk with confidence and boldness as I did to you.

I don’t know you – personally; but you are a real person in this fight and my team mate – that I have much respect for in the utmost to the highest –

Brain much love to you and yours on this path to VICTORY. terry brunson