Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I agree that PSP will drag their feet in applying the court ruling for as long as they can. Too bad the court won’t take it upon itself to see if their ruling is enforced after all appeals are exhausted. It took PSP 5 month to apply the ruling referenced here, This ruling got my registration lowered from lifetime to tier ll. It was for 10 yrs.
Another thing, if you go to Megan’s law website it has the date of your first registration there. In my case Mar. 26, 2007. So what your saying is that my removal will not be until Mar. 26, 2018?
If someone who is affected by this ruling did just fail to comply, would not the ruling in itself be the defense? After all, could not the records of PSP be subpoenaed as the paper trail to prove the original registration period as well as the transcript of the sentencing? I realize it would be a mess for the person involved, but would it not provoke action on PSP’s part, as it would make them state in court why they are not following a ruling of the court. Or am I just thinking incorrectly?
Well enough of my musings.