Reply To: CA will soon end lifetime registration for some SOs under bill signed by Gov. Brown


Issues, Issues, Issues. Believe if we all didn’t have issues than there would be no need for advocates. Advocates help to dissolve the issue. We all can say how is this gonna help me but this is not about me its about a group and some of the callous things government things they hold one up to.
Outraged, I agree a lot of this sex offender stuff is punitive. I’m sure everybody has their own view’s on birth control but it seems that the sex offender is a more topical subject. Yes we all should discuss this and correct some of this but as of now its up to Government to correct their wrong.
Picket lines are good but each side has to come to an agreement and understand their wrongs as apposed to their strict confinement of one’s restrictions against another. Sure I would like my restrictions to go away just the same as others but this is not a perfect Nation. Actually if you think about all this it can be confusing, but in the end true justice will and should be served.