Reply To: AZ Sup. Ct. rules unanimously against enhancements where no child is involved



Maestro, you are right and I’m glad someone pointed that out to me. Sure I could chalk it up to watching to many Cheech and Chong movies back in my hay days but their is no excuse. Its just like some of these sting operations, theirs no excuse for them. Whether its being caught up in a whole lot of porno or being duped by law enforcment or even doing some physical encounter it seems its all balled up into one mold.
Maestro you bring up some really good points on here, some may not agree with your points and some might. Now if you would like to think about this enhancement thing its just like the farmer priming the pump. Law enforcement want to instill, or pump one in a lot of these encounters. I’m sure that their are many in the USA that have those gals wanting to hook up with one on their computer saying, Hi I’m good’n’ fun want to have a good time or lets get together or something like that. Someone should investigate a lot of this out that are not involved with this sex offender ordeal as I would have to say that is something rotten in denmark with these type of things. Causing one to stumble or lose their freedom or liberty is very sad indeed