Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution

terry brunson

Yes you are right I get overly excited and forget I am typing and people can’t see me. . . . . . I would ask all to forgive my flair of talking down – – – that is not my aim. . . . . . I just want all to get that pre-SORNA people are in a good position to be erased off the Pa. registry – by MUNIZ decision in spite of what the SCOTUS decides – unless the SCOTUS takes on the MUNIZ case to over turn it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and don’t see what the United States Constitution Article 1 Section 10 means for states not being allowed to Ex Post Facto laws……….

As for Pre Megan’s Laws enacted pre SORNA – Once a Megan’s Law was Expired. . . . To future date it as a fix would only be able to be applied to people from the enacted date forward – and not us backwards – that would put us right back at MUNIZ’s argument NO new MEGAN’S LAW fix can fix this – They would be right back at Ex Post Facto challenge to that new fix to fix their fix that they are in – I just want all to understand this with a passion.

The only thing – in all this is the delay of just using the stay rights – and the wait for the writs to move through the High court docket chains – and the remand process.

All that slows just down. . . for SO’s rights to be in limbo until all the smoke clear – I write as I do to try to give hope to people that have been waiting too long. . . . . . . . .

Say if PSP made a law for SO’s to follow. . . . the Law will go into effect in 48 hours- and all SO’s will have to comply or go to jail …….. but when the Law is a win for us. . . . we have to wait weeks – months and maybe years. . . .

Please don’t miss read me talking down to people – I feel that I am education and enlightening people. . . But I also must say to all please don’t take me wrong – I AM ON YOUR SIDE – i DESPERATELY want all to understand me- so I over do it. . . . . . I beg your forgiveness and ask that you over look my zeal to tell what I know so far. I love all of you and I pray that I could correct anything that I have said in a wrong way. . . . Thank you for pointing out that we all are on the same team. . . . . . . . I desire to do my part on the team to make the way clear for all of us to get through this together . . . .and celebrate each victory with pride to move on with out lives to success and happiness. . . . We all have carried this burden too long. . .

In waiting Terry Brunson