Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


terry brunson

Brian – Hello
The SCOTUS was on a vacation – they are back in section since 25 Sept 2017

They have not seen Freed writ yet to them – the first step is to get a stay of the MUNIZ decision to give Pa. chance or time to debate legislative fix to revert people back to old Megan’s law rules – – – – – – WHICH WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE—— because Megan’s Law 3 expired at SORNA’s effective date of 20 December 2012

There is now no way any prosecutor in Pa. can take violators of Old Megan’s Laws before a Judge- What Law will prosecutors in Pa. claim SO’s violated? (SORNA) ? Muniz wiped that out. . . . . Megan’s Law 3 SORNA wiped that out (expired it) Megan’s Law 2? Megan’s Law 3 wiped that out. I know PA will make a new Megan’s Law reflecting Laws similar to Old Megan’s Law’s?

OH = wouldn’t that be Ex Post Facto? LIKE muniz? TO COME UP WITH THE NEW mEGAN’S lAW IN 2017 TO APPLY TO THOSE PRE SORNA? They Muniz decison will still know that down too.

Brian can you see the fix PA is in?


And let post SORNA stay alive for people with a offense date after 20 Dec 2012

That would clear 80% of Pa. SO’s registry – Freed don’t like that . . . neither do PSP or all AG’s of PA. . . .

Brian am I making myself clear? Are you understanding why Freed is fighting so hard?

Asking to go to the SCOTUS is only a time delay- – – – – – – – – 0f 10 months to a year from not only to be denied. . . .
Brain there were states in front of PA on this issue – Ohio – denied Indiana – denied Maryland – denied Alaska – denied Michigan (just denied 2 Oct 2017) next up Pennsylvania – and they too will be denied about May 2018..

You will thank me when you see that I am telling you the future on Pre-SORNA issues all because of MUNIZ

Let me tell you why the SCOTUS wil deny PA. . . . . . if they tale PA MUNIZ- their decision will effect the other 49 states when only 7 state are in issue with SORNA.. . . . .. Why upset a good illegal things in other states because of the few complaining . . . . . . When others start to complain about SORNA in their state – and the number gets to 2/3’s then it is time for the SCOTUS to say something to effect the whole nation on SORNA

You got this yet?
In May 2018 you will get a letter from PSP telling you that you are no longer under any sex offender law’s in PA..

If you move out of PA. you will be back under SORNA and will have 48 Hours under SORNA to register in the new place to fight like MUNIZ – But MUNIZ is only good for us in Pa. If you move MUNIZ will not help you at all. Out side od PA. You got this? YET?