Reply To: Group urges RI governor to veto legislation restricting SO access to shelters


. No, not every one with a sexual conviction needs to be rehabilitated. Sandy I liked that answer. And you know you are right in a lot of respects. I was always wondering why they didn’t want me in those mandatory sex offender classes. Maybe the instructor couldn’t make her point with the others in the class and be more in tune with her lectures than me giving a sort of a gospel throw to all her brew making ways to cleanse one from this man eating flesh one has in themselves.
Remember we are all carnal by nature. You know I’ve finely figured out Maestro and I know where’ he’s coming from. He’s ok
The main point sandy there’s no “love thy neighbor” in any of this restricting thing in case of a real disaster. Sure the law can do just so much. If that’s the case that. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I think these sex offender things have more of man’s thinking, but if man created the world I’d hate to be living in it. I feel its getting stranger and colder everyday in some respects.