Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Brian,
David Freed has been nominated to be our next U.S. Attorney General (For the Middle District of PA). He wants to be Governor someday. He has to put on a show for the electorate. No way is he or any other elected official in Pa going to take the blame for these decisions. However, after Michigan’s Snyder vs Doe it is pretty cut and dry. The only reasons to file an appeal now is to be able to say “What could we do? We appealed all the way to the Supreme Court!!! Don’t blame us”. Also, every day that they are waiting to hear from the US Supreme Court, that is one more day they can continue the registry for those convicted PRIOR to 12/202012.
If they do decide not to appeal, they are going to drag their feet. After all, why not? If you don’t like it, you can sue us and we will see you in 2 years!!! Once it all shakes out either due to being denied by the US Supreme Court, or they deciding not to appeal, I expect them to take AT LEAST 6 months to search for offenders!!! If you don’t like it, sue us!!! We got all day, every day .