Reply To: AZ Sup. Ct. rules unanimously against enhancements where no child is involved


I remember before I had to register I had a messenger account I also closed before I had to register as well, I remembered chatting with some girl for about a month or so, I remember asking how old she was and she said that she was 21 , for some reason I had asked her how old she was this was at the 1 month mark and she said she was 15 I said wait a second here you told me you were 21 then this person started to backtrack, I just ended the conversation right there and even closed my account, yea there out there and they try crap like that to lure people in. I wasn’t looking for a date of anything like that they had just appeared on my messenger somehow.
But if you know they are that age to begin with and you are well over 18 years old and you go to meet them for sex then sorry to say you get what you get no pun intended. And no I am no better then anyone else on the registers my so called victim was my girlfriend who my brother and his girlfriend set me up with, she lied about her age to them that’s why they set us up and she even lied to me about her age, she got pregnant and went to the healt department to get a pregnancy test and they aske how old her boyfriend was and then from there they called to police who pressed charges, her mother knew we were dating and I at 19 looked liked I was 16 so her mother never questioned our relationship, all the people she ran with were over 18 and she had been seeing other men who were older as well but they were never charged because they denied having sex with her or maybe they never did, they attempted to charge her mother as well but she denied knowledge of the whole situation so I guess I was invisible when I walked into there home. do I ask people for there ID no but I also don’t date anymore as I am married.