Reply To: Group urges RI governor to veto legislation restricting SO access to shelters



No man is an island. Actually I like all these comments on here. After collage I went to business school studied travel and tourism. Believe I worked in a lot of National parks during the summers. Yes I worked at a place called Ballard Inn on Block Island. I’m sure with my small sex ordeal I couldn’t get any job with any Park or anything like that today. Yes all that was in my drinking days.
Sure we can all throw off the old man and put on the new but when siciety deny’s one group over another because of a ” fear factor” element than thats not justice. Sure protecting and serving are good but its still predicting in these sex offender ordeals. Matter of fact I wouldn’t want to be around someone as pompus as someone denying me or be any different than everybody else. Weather your a sex offender or drug addict doesn’t matter we are still human and human rights would look down on this one. Can someone say “Ostracize” in a dire circumstance such as this.