Reply To: Group urges RI governor to veto legislation restricting SO access to shelters



I’ll tell you what I’m personally sick of hearing/reading about living restrictions for sex offenders…
I’m sick of this ‘crutch’ always being used: “If they don’t have stability, it could cause recidivism.”

So basically what that is saying (and we are saying it, and our advocates are saying it) is that we are sooooooooooooooo dangerous that we MUST be given shelter be it as homeless people or being allowed to live where we chose to….OR ELSE!
We are FEEDING THE FEAR MONGERING by using the excuse to give us shelter by saying we’ll recidivate if we don’t have it. So…. the L.E.A. and the politicians scare people into not wanting us anywhere and then we, ourselves, along with our advocates seem to be saying “only fear us if we’re homeless and denied shelter.”