Reply To: Indiana Court of Appeals considers RFRA’s application to registered citizens



Hmm, int3eresting point this Religious Freedom Restoration Act. When I got entangled up in all this and it was all said and done by the courts I requested to my PO to go to church. He said you had to have a chaperone. My sister and a lady friend that is now in a Nursing home were my chaperones. My sister doesn’t much care about going to church but I can’t really speak for her. Sure we went to church a time or two by me coaxing her and me and the other lady went to church. Now church is sort of up in the air at this time. Church is for everybody if they wish to attend. Church is one thing but spiritual enlightenment is another.
Sure we can all refresh ourselves but when police put a hold on some of this endeavor, the way they see it, it makes it a bit more frustrating. Is their any restrictions on the teenager that got caught up with dope, or the person that shoplifted, or the person that did some type of property damage? Its not what’s on the outside of a person its what’s on the inside of a person.
Now if you look at the law, protecting and serving are one thing, but they are human also and prone just the way everybody else is.
God is no respecter and a person can take that to the bank. You do the crime you pay the time and that should be it. Did they find any fault in Jesus or should we all use that as an example.