Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


Tim L

Bobby, to be sure the enhancements were determined by the court to act as punishments. The fee requirement was tested in a WI case a few years back they were upheld.I refuse to pay up! In the debate the lawyers argued over whether it was a fee or a tax. In effect the outcome for the offender is the same- cash out of pocket for a previously fully adjudicated case that did not include a judgement from the trial court.

This is nothing less than extortion. The reasoning is quite clear. Monies garnered from fees are ” to help offset” the costs of maintaining the SORS. The fact is states built these databases under threat of loss of Byrne grants. If SORS were such a great idea there would be no need for the coercion, Yet clearly there was coercion. Like many underfunded federal programs forced upon the states there come a point when the cash runs out.

The 6ths ruling here stops just short of declaring the SORS as intentionally punitive, yet many of us on the registry have long suspected the intent was just that to keep imprisoning persons.