Reply To: The official yearly Halloween report


While Halloween or not free speech is free speech. My PO came today for the monthly check-up and said to me where you gonna be, he even ask me what month this was and said he would be here at 5′ o clock to check up on me. I told him wasn’t I here last year. I think they just want to scare those in a way because they can.
I believe we all know how to be responsible and that rules are rules but sometimes Halloween goes a bit overboard. and panic’s a lot of us all in this holiday tradition. Sure man can trick or treat and didn’t they do that in these internet sting operations if one wants to use that as a example.
Call it canvasing or witch hunts or what ever you want, it is something man has used to dupe those into a lot of this sex folly. When my PO ask me what month is this I had to think for a minute and I said to myself is that like a catch thing to see if I knew the month or a catch tactic they maybe using. Folks these PO’s and laws are being over abused to safeguard in something they couldn’t predict, just like that guy in Vegas. It was a shock to everybody. Best thing to do for everybody under the sex registry is to enjoy their life. Don’t we do the best to obey the law when we are driving in our cars.