Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


Wes you are right.. Hey if I were married and had kids, I couldn’t even spank my kids. Yes growing up my dad got a belt to my backside but today its all about the law and these witch hunts. Its either sexting or some in family problem of the wife accusing the husband of taking advantaging one of the kids and than we could talk about money and fines, and all the other stuff that some go thru in all this sexual hocus pocus and than maybe if one is lucky he or she gets probation for 10 as in my case but one is under the microscope for the rest of one’s life unless intervention comes in.
Hey I met a guy named Terry and see him once in a while to say hi and chat a bit. lives here in Virginia., he had a wife and kids, had to do some time because the wife accused him of something with one of his kids. He paid his time lives by himself in an apt and we chat from time to time. Maybe they were going thru some hard times way back when who knows but the fact is he said he never did it. Now that’s a tough situation to be in he also has a girlfriend that comes in and checks on him also. All things work out in the end so never give up. This little sexting thing I am into is a bit much for some but when the law goes above their maker that’s another story in itself.
NARSOL and woman against the registry and other advocates are in there for all of us but you all have to be strong also. I don’t like any of this myself and I think a lot of this is wrong. We all can either go forward or just not help others out, or all pull together. And those witch hunts were back in England and a few in MA. Course I only saw the movie Witches of eastwick, but a lot of this is like a witch hunt. One has to fight fire with fire sometimes is todays’ America.