Reply To: Does anyone really understand recidivism?


Wow Jeremy I sort of like that answer also. You see the first time I ever heard the word recidivism was in my AA program they sent me to. I went to Marshall University at the time of the plane crash. Did some college work their and back than I was sort of a party guy also. I remember one night the jailer saying to me, “back again” but they were protecting me to be honest, or me from getting into a car and driving and I’ve been that route before.
But this thing that everybody is under one doesn’t want re-offend as it is a deadly mistake and like you said its a numbers game to some and in a way the number always gives a percentage, it can stand constant and never change and that’s up to the individual.
Now I live over in Virginia and as a matter of fact JP Welsh that Barbara Jones hooked me up with has been very good at giving me some support. Now it seems the sex offender gets probation depending on the circumstance but its all a scheme a lot of it is. Now given that scenario of the weekend warrior vs. the sex offender sting operations in some cases. who’s protecting who….. the person that’s drunk or the one that’s talking to a fictitious person on the internet. I don’t see how one can protect a fictitious person when it comes right down to it.
If your lucky to never get in jail than you shouldn’t have to worry about recidivism, getting to the truth and looking at oneself is better for one to correct oneself in all this blind man’s bluff game.