Reply To: Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case


Hey when any family member goes to jail its upsetting. I have to agree with Maestro on this one. Course to be honest I never did like face book and was getting tired of all this stuff. Sure its nice to have a good conversation with a friend but someone on a sex site at random or whatever the situation was is a bit much. Than to find out that it was law enforcement is a bit overbearing. Even talking of range of one’s peer age is a bit much and can get a bit fuzzy and out of focus.
Manipulation is a key player in this game of chance. Best thing to do is say just stay off of social media. As for me I try to keep positive and say good things come out of bad. I’m sorry for this Anthony Weiner person as that just goes to show you that some people even in congress can screw up. A lot that went on behind the scenes we may never know but even congress is not carnal proof when it comes to illegal activities.. I hate to use the word ” sin squad” but it seems that something isn’t right in Denmark .
Nothing wrong with hooking up with one’s peer group providing its legal age, but leaving the sex- sexting along as you never know who you are talking to, but when government does this it sort of changes things. So who’s right and who’s wrong and you know government isn’t gonna be involved with someone in their own government doing this sexting thing as that would tarnish their reputation.