Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


@ Fred or Robin,
I know I have asked similar question before, but now that we have won in Michigan, I keep wondering since my conviction was 6-19-1992 before Michigan had a registry, and the FACT that the Judge did NOT order me to register will I be removed from the registry completely.?

I was still on Parole when the registry came to be, in 1994 and put on it in 1995 , the legislators I am guessing, or the MDOC, for 25 years then it was changed to life. They also changed the registration dates of everyone here in Michigan, like my registration start date was 1995, but now it says my registration start date is 6-19-92 .

How does all that work now that we won?, I personally think I should be removed from the registry altogether, since the registry did not exist back then, and the fact a judge did not sentence me to register. what is your opinion.