Reply To: Does anyone really understand recidivism?

Jeremy from Indiana

One thing I always like to point out in the recidivism argument:

The registry has not, can not, and will not affect the rate of recidivism no matter how high or how low it actually is.

Even if it was the inflated fictitious number of 80% given to the Supreme Court, it would still be 80% with or without the registry.

In fact, recidivism and/or more heinous crimes have been attributed to the registry. People have been murdered for being on the registry. Offenders who have yet to be caught and are not on the registry take extra steps (to include murdering their victims) to avoid a life on the registry. Other crimes such as theft have increased in areas where registrants are highly restricted because they can’t get housing or jobs and have to survive. I wouldn’t be surprised if some registrants reoffend because they have no hope and 3 hots and a cot is better than sleeping on the street.

The registry also opens the door for a tyrannical government. Take away the rights of a hated group and then progress to slightly less hated groups over time. When people start complaining when their rights are taken away, case law for the registry will be used against them. Fascism 101.