Reply To: Does anyone really understand recidivism?


Trish, I don’t know you or anybody on here and all I know is that one of our family members were wrapped up in all this and it just maybe oneself or a loved one that is involved in this and yes I would speak out about this also. Something caught my demeanor when you said, the pretense of re-offending. Sure I believe in Justice- true justice that is.
I use to be a weekend warrior in my high schools in the early 70’s. Oh yes they would lock me up for the weekend and three days’ later they let me go. Course it always helped me I guess you could say to have a bail bondsman in the family, but all that besides the point, but we all grow up and Trish believe it or not you said a mouth-full with your comment that everybody should understand. Sure we all can come to the breaking with all this recidivism stuff.
Well I cleaned up my act of drinking from those dinosaur days in a lot of ways but I’m sure people can misunderstand about recidivism and actually no one can predict recidivism of an individual crime. Can anyone predict a shop lifter but they can trap them with those tag’s that most department store’s use.
Now with this tragic shooting that occurred in Vegas could anyone predict that? And yes that was sad and evil but than good always overcomes bad. See we can’t predict another person of what they do.
And like Trish said and I’m sure most of you all will agree pretense is pretense or probation is probation, even taking a lie-detector over and over again is a bit much. I wonder if their is recidivism on telling a white lie?