Reply To: District Attorney to seek SCOTUS review of PA decision


And I thought it was going to be this week wow. Yea I’ve been doing this sense 2002, was hoping for something to happen good for PA. it’s been a long and frustrating battle of harassment not only from coworkers but some of the state police make comments every few times I have done my updates, I had to contact HR for a place a worked at because someone wanted to harm me, luckily the company knew about my background and recognized my work ethic, if it weren’t for that and making that company a lot of money I would have been fired, the person who did background checks skimped on a few people and I got hired. Nobody would have found out about me until my previous employer whom worked with a few of my coworkers and even worked for that company before had his girlfriend tip them off about me. The owner called me and the manager to his office and integrated me and I was 100% honest so they decided to keep me based on my work ethic. Patients is one of my best virtues but maybe moving to another state like Michigan or one of the 6 th circuit states.
I know there doing investigations on SO’s in PA hope they don’t start falsely accusing or planting stuff on people.