Reply To: The official yearly Halloween report


Whats another good name for Halloween… trick or treat. You know protecting and serving are good. Sure we all want to protect our families. Now I wasn’t much into halloween, oh sure mom took us out when we were kids but that was back in the early 60″s. To some it is a pagan celebration and to some they like to see the joy of these costumes or just to pass out candy to those trick or treeters. Ok course if you really wanted to understand about some of these sex offenses just take the internet sex sting operations for example. Yes truth can cut hard but the consicious convicts more. I remember one year growing up I just sit home and passed out candy. Today things are getting real cold it seems and it should be that way
I wrote a paper one time and I think I sent it to Brenda Jones a few years ago entitled ” two wrongs don’t make a right”. If we really wanted to take a look at all this we could start with the gay community for instance, but thats not my call to judge. Rm: 13 & 14 if one reads it good they are ministers for good. Why would they pretend to be teenage gals and entice one to come into their lair? I think all of us know what’s right and wrong, One doesn’t hide behind a mask or a computer screen if one’ you want to pretend. Isn’t that what halloween is all about prentending? NARSOL advocacy is good. To me I believe a lot of this SO ordeal is a bunch of folly and hype that has been bread in the U.S Its like a conspiricy theory gone bad. Even the bible says there is not a just man upon the face of the earth that doeth good and sinnith not. I know my favorite words to my probation officer are, and he has quoted me on that one, It is what it is untill it is what it ain’t. Happy halloween oh and don’t take pock shots at Robin and Sandy, they are doing the best they can, even my friend Maestro.