Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general


Hello Bobby,
We will be releasing an article with more information soon.
This is a very big victory and it will eventually mean what you said, but for the time being you must continue to follow the law as you had been.
Now that we have won the case, it has to go back to the lower district court where all this started and a new judgement has to be issued that is on par with the 6th’s ruling. Then the state legislatures need to rewrite the law, or eliminate it, and then I imagine Michigan State Police will be tasked with finding and removing the affected names from the registry.
So we still need to be patient for awhile longer.
The good news is the state has exhausted all appealing options and now must comply with the 6th’s ruling. When they start complying is what we have to wait for.
Keep watching this website for more information.
P.S. As I said before. I believe there are no grounds to sue for damages.