Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms


@Don Gury
…according to your post #20766 on September 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm, you have been off the registry for 3 years so, how do the bus drivers or anyone knows that you were on a registry (outside of law enforcement or people that already knew)?

If you would have moved to a new address to start a new beginning (which I would), no one should have further access to your past without a warrant unless you were to commit another crime. (or unless they use those background search sites, but they would need your full name “technically”, but not only way)

I am interested in your answer & experience because, I as many should be due relief under the Muñiz ruling in PA Supreme Court and want to make sure I or loved ones am/are never threaten or bother ever again by vigilantes.

I also want to know if I will have to sue in court hundreds of businesses that compile information and store or sell said information including and not limited to the Credit Bureaus in order to get them to remove my RSO information and be compensated for damages that arise after relief or even before relief (retroactively, let’s see how they like it…); Which, how would I or anyone afford that unless they are rich which, if that were the case they would most likely not have been made a RSO for they could buy the law (Anthony Weiner is an exception now). Or whether I will have to find a Pro Bono lawyer which, good luck with that one).