Reply To: The ladies of “The View” need glasses



It is impossible but offenses will come. I don’t think any scientist could explain that one or figure that one out. I don’t even think man can figure that one out at times when it was said a thousand of years ago. Sure we’ve had our mean evil people in life such as Hitler and others and tyrant dictators even judges, presidents and this think you all call ” the view” or Ann Landers gossip column.

Think about it. How would you feel if the judge sentenced you to life in prison? or how would you feel if someone took advantage of you via the internet sex scandal. Sure I feel some type of punishment is good but a life time is a bit of a different mind set. How does one change if one doesn’t get cured. A dictator wants to have his or her own mindset and be like the Hitler type. Sure we can all learn a lesson by this Hitler guy or any dictator that tries to take advantage of others. This view gossip TV show is a bunch of hog wash and I’ve never even seen the program or its been a long time and really all they are looking for is ratings but that’s Hollywood.