Reply To: The ladies of “The View” need glasses


When it comes to sex offender recidivism, I’ve found that when you quote the low rates found by credible, peer-reviewed studies to people, the people shrug and say “Oh, well, most of these perverts don’t get caught anyway. They have many other victims that we don’t know about! ”
These ignorant people who believe the “no cure for pedophiles– they’ll always be on the prowl for more victims” propaganda will happily ignore any study about recidivism rates because they’re SURE that the offender has committed such crimes many times before, but only got caught in this last incident, and that the offender WILL surely do it again, even if he’s never caught and thus never has a probation revocation hearing, never faces any new charges in the future, etc.

What does it say about the MORALITY of these haters, these irrational fearmongers, when they’re willing to destroy the lives of their fellow Americans and keep them in prison for years longer than would serve any legitimate punitive or public safety purpose? How can you be “moral” when you advocate taking people’s lives and liberty without evidence that it is necessary and appropriate to the circumstances of that person, and that particular crime?