Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general



@Robin and Fred and anyone else that interested,

I e-mailed Ms Amy Howe a independent contractor and reporter at and asked her if she knew anything concerning the Snyder case and this is what she wrote back to me.

They did not act on Snyder today. They could act on it on Monday, when they issue a lot of additional orders from the September 25 conference. (There is a chance that they will not and instead hold it over for reconsideration at the next conference, but a relatively small one.)  She also said ( todays grants are likely to be argued in either January or February. The Justices are expected to issue more orders from September 25th Conference, which are likely to mostly be denials of review on Monday Morning, 9:30 AM, October 2nd . Seen this at the bottom of the scotusblog website. under, Justices issue orders from “long conference” (UPDATED) – Amy Howe