Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution



@terry brunson
…with all due respect, what exactly do you mean by *quote*
“U.S. Constitution Article 1 section 10 under state’s not being able to break contracts – which a plea to register for Ten years was a contract.

SORNA violates that – – – – – The Muniz decision will not get rid of SORNA in PA. It will only effect those who entered into a plea with a court to register ten years.” *end quote*

Is the Governor, AG and/or PA State Police going to comeback with games like suddenly stating that my conviction does not apply to the relief of the PA State SORNA retroactive requirements because, having been in a Military Installation and/or out of State (i.e. Camp Lejeune, N.C.)? Am I going to be forced/obligated metaphorically to pay an attorney to bully me to pay lots of $$$ to satisfy their need for a bigger lifestyle? Seriously, when can I go on with my life and be left alone!!!

I did not entered into any contract with anybody that I am aware of. I was made to register! I was released from duty after serving my sentence on the Military Brigg in Camp Lejeune, N.C. and told to report to Law Enforcement (the Sheriff’s office) whom then told me to go to the State Police. Then the individual that “assisted me”, a young trooper, actually told me he was not sure if my conviction/charges on the U.S. Military Installation warranted/required my registration, made me wait 1 hour & 23 minutes (felt an eternity) to then tell me that he was going to go ahead and “process me” after talking to people (whatever that meant).

Then I was not told much else nor given any papers. Later I received in the mail my requirements stating 10 years (which about 3 years later I was arrested for “supposedly” not complying which, cost me about $2500 and a very good paying job I had worked hard to obtain & maintain, to prove that they (the Commonwealth of PA) were wrong. I was fortunate enough due to the fact that I actually keep all my visits to the PA State Police on record in a binder, but they tried very hard to nail me after 3 years of constantly visiting them to change information or yearly updates). That was in 2007 and I have not been able to bounce back financially or emotionally since. I have been further made into a mess plus all the shaming and bullying on loved ones, but I have chosen to still be here mainly for my children (and now grandchild). I try to be positive, but do tell my children the truth of my sorrow. At least, they have truly demonstrated understanding & support. I am grateful to them for such!