Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court




I followed the link to page and looked at the compliance list. So when Muniz is upheld, will Pa go to yellow and not be full compliance? It seems that their own paperwork could be it undoing also as it says “Retroactively applies requirements.” The word retroactively show up there, a naughty word to the courts.
If this is used to know if someone is a RSO, and one is removed from Pa’s list how would any other state or entity know the person in question was at one time on the list?? My therapist asked me the visit my wife and I had after Muniz came down, How it applied to me? Then he asked me that if I am removed from the Pa list, how would anyone know I was ever on it? I am curious about that myself. I have family out of state and do not go there for the Holidays
since this all started. Also weren’t the juvenile crimes declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS?