Reply To: Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case


Thank you for agreeing with me on my point about social media attention whores. Because that’s exactly what it all boils down to.
I used to have a FB page for 4 yrs before somehow (face recognition perhaps) FB deleted it.
I have a new FB page but this time I have only 5 people whom I actually know in person as my friends on there and I only use it to keep up with the Bluray & DVD market (since that’s the retail entrepreneurship I’ve had for years).

I also have an IG (instagram) which I’ve had since IG started. I’ve deleted many of the so called “followers” after seeing post upon post of nothing but these people sexualizing themselves as if there is nothing more to them as human beings other than how they look or how “thick” their asses are (Kim Kardashian wannabes).

I’m a sexual human being and I don’t get offended by the naked human body, but on social media, it is very clear that these people (mostly women, surprisingly) only value themselves on their sex appeal.
I find the idea of “sexual liberation” from the liberal left to be contradictory to the same group on the left who claim “feminism” and assume that all men are rapists and only want sex from women. The hypocrisy is REAL!
And so, after the election when I posted a simple post stating that we should at least give Trump a chance to see how he will help the country, I got hateful comments and people unfollowing me. I laughed and put up another post calling them out and telling the rest of the hypocrites on the liberal left to please do me the favor of removing themselves from following me as they know f*ck squat about politics when all they do all day long is post photos of their asses and their tummies (standing in front of a mirror pulling their shirt up to expose their belly as “sexy”) and degrading themselves while saying everyone else (who isn’t liberal) degrades them.

And for the record, I’m an independent. I don’t identify with either political party because both sides have good ideas and both sides can be retarded.
The joy I get from stories like Weiner is that it slaps the population of voters in their faces when a politician who lobbied for tougher sex offense laws turns around and commits a sexual offense. To me that’s a glorious day of laughter and celebration because these are the leaders the sheeple love to follow and agree with whenever they speak bad about ANY person who screwed up and got tangled in the criminal justice system.
Now look who’s tangled in it. GOOD! Keep them coming.
Pretty soon there will have to be a study on how many politicians and law enforcement agents are on the registry so that people will once and for all come to the realization that a criminal can turn out to be ANYBODY.