Reply To: The ladies of “The View” need glasses

John Logan

Where were all of your voices complaining about laws based on lies and myths rather than facts and evidence when Congress lashed out at Professor Bruce Rind and his co-authors when his Meta study proved that children are NOT harmed by inter generation sexual relationships!
Also the girl Anthony Weiner sent pictures to was 16 at the time–an age that most, if not all, of Western Europe sets as their Age of Consent. A 16 year old girl is NOT a “CHILD”–most Latin American females are having kids at that age and it’s the norm!
Stop blaming yourself as though your Sexual Orientation was immoral when it is merely illegal by statute—that’s why they call Age of Consent laws Statutory Rape -because 99% of the time it is NOT Rape at all merely illegal sex by unconstitutional government fiat -not intrinsically immoral actions!