Reply To: Does anyone really understand recidivism?


Recidivism? Is that like saying I will not predict how much one repeats a process. So in theory you could say its like breaking wind when someone’s around or no one’s around. Kind of crude don’t you think? Ah yes but man thinks up a lot of things. Trapping someone is like those hunters setting a trap out in the woods. Now a dumb hunter would actually get caught in his or her own trap. Its like pulling the wool over someone’s face without one even knowing it.

Proving is one thing but predicting is another and is of a person that is over confident in their self . Sandy just the other day a lawyer told me they were looking for a certain type of sex offender case. Of course I have to go the pro bono way as I can’t afford 25thousand dollars as this lawyer quoted but he did say they were looking for a certain type of sex offender case, whatever that case maybe.

Now these little internet sting set-ups can be easily broken down as most all cops doing these internet stings set up fake profiles, go into adult chat rooms, pose as teenagers. Do you think good Christians with good ethics would do that. Even eve was given warning before she ate the fruit.

So is recidivism like repeating murder or murdering with the nature of trapping in all this con game? Were talking taking advantage of someone’s body, mind, and conscious. Sandy I have to applaud you with this article as a lot of this internet stuff makes no sense. Oh and also remember this message is being monitored for quality assurance. Don’t you just love that when you call these companies just to get some type of service its like they don’t have their hearing aid on, or can you repeat the question. I guess the monitoring is for quality control as they say. Now that’s something to talk about on the View. lol