Reply To: The ladies of “The View” need glasses



I agree with the idea that statements made on shows like “The View” re-enforce people’s negative perceptions. I haven’t had a TV in 25 years and can say i haven’t seen more than 5 minutes of “The View” in my entire life. Sometimes for entertainment i’ll listen to shows on public radio. It’s the same thing there. So many times i’ve heard people say things that aren’t true or there will be shows that exploit the sex crime panic happening right now.

One false statistic that kept getting repeated was the 1 in 5 woman being sexually assaulted. Sometimes it was 1 in 4. (The D.O.J. estimated the number of sexual assaults at less than 7 in 1000). Haven’t heard these numbers in a while, but i think that totally influenced millions of people’s opinions. Same thing with residency restriction laws- keep repeating crap until it becomes “fact”.

The good news is reforming sex crime laws continues to become a mainstream topic and the public’s opinion IS changing.