Reply To: The ladies of “The View” need glasses



I know that this is just another brain dead daytime TV talk show, but boy they sure get their audience in an up-roar when they turn on the hype. I want to point out two things we should try to keep in mind;

For the most part the hosts of these programs have no actual qualification to render serious opinions on many of the topics in their diatribe. But we need to realize that they are doing nothing more than pandering to an under educated audience who do not have anything better to do with their lives than sit in front of the TV all day sucking down Twinkies and Diet Cokes. ‘The View’ is not an educational show, it is a marketing tool to get advertising in front of all those Donut Slayers. I am not saying that I don’t care about this practice but rather, we have bigger things to accomplish than giving a rat’s ass about some daytime talk show host who as far as being a brain trust would easily qualify as a Blackhole.

Here in Connecticut, our organization (The Center for Rational Justice Studies, Inc.) has made tremendous strides in building credibility with law makers and state agencies by NOT arguing the big picture every chance we get. We take small pieces at a time and under no circumstance let our conversations turn into any form of “We are right and you are Wrong” type of childish bull. That doesn’t get us listened to. We have found that talking about one small point and not beating it to death, gets people to ask us questions and then real conversation happens. In a short few months I have lost count of the state officials and legislators who have called me with questions and thus opened discussions. Two conversations were with sitting Judges.

The reason I said all that is because we have a firm opinion as to just where we should start changing people’s minds. And it’s a small point. Spell out a clear definition to the terms “Recidivism” and “Re-Offense”. Society does not understand that these terms are being merged and it skews the statistics. When the fanatics and Law Enforcement use the term “Recidivism” they are including ALL CRIMES an SO commits after release to include shop-lifting so he can eat that week! That is NOT the same in any way as “Re-Offending” by committing a new sex crime! If we can get that point out and into the minds of the public then THEY THEMSELVES will be equipped to ask the right questions at the right time. That WILL lead the public towards understanding the truth. Don’t shove it down their throats, let them find the answers themselves by teaching the right questions to ask.