Reply To: The ladies of “The View” need glasses


Ladies of the View,

Your show is an entertainment piece and you should be careful not to interject your views as facts on the show. You can claim ,that what you say on your show to the live audience and millions that view your show in their homes, is your opinion and that’s all that it is! If you decide that you want to claim your opinion as fact, then you must definitely read some studies based on empirical evidence and access organizations like CASOMB- California Sex Offender Management Board so that your audience gets the real facts and not some hearsay from a show host who doesn’t really know facts and is really acting on fear and lies about the issue.
I would appreciate that you exercise caution every time you make any statements on national television about such difficult issues, which affect so many people in our society.
I am a mother of a registrant. My child made one bad judgement call and is now going to be on lifetime registry. He is like every other human on this planet. He has the same feelings as you do. He has the same hopes and dreams as you do. He wants to be independent but can not be because he will be subjected to so many restrictions brought on by laws in response to “fear mongering parents” that he will not be able to go to school, find work or adequate housing to feel independent. He will be subjected to humiliations, finger-pointing, harassment, violence by vigil antes, and much more destructive and negative behaviors against him and it’s all because of the PUBLIC REGISTRY created to destroy lives.